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  Yet to Encounter!!


Hello I am Isabella Raymond and a resident of Alaska. Being an engineering graduate, I love to surf internet and especially search for topics that are technical. Well, apart from coding, I have interest in gadgets that uses highly advanced technologies. Recently, while surfing internet I came across a technologically advanced gadget known as electronic cigarettes. I went through it in a detailed manner by browsing through electronic cigarette reviews. Well just within few days, I have developed quite interest in this gadget. This is because this is a battery operated device and provides the same sensation as that of traditional tobacco smoking. This has really amazed me as I am a smoker and can’t even think that a battery functioned device can offer the same sensation. But I am really not sure about anything as I have never tried electronic cigarettes.

The fact is that I am an intense smoker and I have been smoking cigarettes since my s  chool days. Well, nobody knows about this secret. Though my parents know that I smoke but the fact that I have been smoking since my high school is unknown. Being a gal, my mom and dad doesn’t want me to smoke. But the pleasure it gives me is unmatched. I guess it will be very difficult for me to leave smoking as it satisfies my cravings. Well, after reading the reviews, I have found it to be very impressive. This has tempted me to quite an extent.

Let’s see, what happens next. I am thinking to try electronic cigarettes for sure. Moreover, the designs and patterns have attracted me largely. Well, I am not sure whether I will like it or not but hope for the best. I believe selecting the best electronic cigarette will definitely quench my nicotine thirst.